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Thank you, your quest for black people in medieval Bohemia just made my day. Did you know, that we also imported Inuits and penguins? We used them in our medieval theme parks. Because you wouldn´t want to have your accuracy clouded by facts ;) Thanks again.


This was never particularly funny or fun, but this is actually a new low. Apparently, the inclusion of people of color in a video game is as laughable and ridiculous to you as putting penguins in the game. Like, on top of the comparison to animals (how original), there’s the whole implication that including specifically Black people is so inherently something that “doesn’t belong”, it stands on its own as your idea of a joke.

Like, let’s really be honest here. It’s been months since someone originally asked me a question about Kingdom Come: Deliverance and its lack of any representation of people of color whatsoever (not to mention any female player character, and then claiming to have the most “ultimate character customization tool ever created”).

And on top of the obvious fact that they made the game, just as they intended it originally, the fandom for this game at this point just comes off like a cross between sore winners and gloating bullies. All I did was point out on my blog that they could have put people of color in their video game (and that includes Asian people, Romani/Roma people, Black people, seriously, everyone has historical precedent), but they didn’t want to, and so they didn’t.

But it still needs to be rubbed in. Because apparently I and anyone and everyone else who MIGHT have been interested in the game and is a person of color need to be put in their place. The harassing messages weren’t enough, the endless threads about how I was “attacking” these poor, blameless millionaire game developers weren’t enough, the message board traffic from the Czech republic using racial slurs (in English) and talking about “doing a hate crime” that made me late for work one day so I could deal with that….it’s never really enough, is it?

Because how dare I say anything, ever. How dare any person of color want to be a part of something that was apparently intended not just for white men only, but the kind of person who sends this kind of message.

Because it’s not enough to win. You have to really rub their faces in the dirt, shame them, make them sorry they EVER said ANYTHING, even looked in your direction. Because even MONTHS LATER, you have to come back and revisit it, shove them around some more. Tell them they’re animals, they’re a joke, they are pathetic and ridiculous to try and make sure they never speak again, never criticize, never challenge.

I appreciate the messages people have sent me expressing concern for my safety, but I’m an activist in my day to day life, too. I run these risks knowingly, and because this is too important to stop. I work with other activists, including ones who used to do even more dangerous work previously, and honestly, why the hell should we live our lives in fear?

I hope it makes people sick to their stomachs to think that we would be considered at risk for helping people. It’s my job to facilitate, accommodate, counsel, and advocate for marginalized students. But it just wasn’t enough, and I started this blog because some people can’t even make it to college at all. I believe everyone should have access to this knowledge, not just those who can pay.

The real point here is that I want my readers to know that this jackass can chuckle all they want, I am not going to stop. I won’t shut up, and for every chucklehead like this, there’s someone like me who’s fighting.


'then write one' is such a fucking shitty response to the desire for more representation in media

guess what? i write shit that i want to see in media all of the goddamn time

and eight thousand fucking notes on my post is proof i am not alone in this desire

people create these things all of the time

but they are kept quiet, their voices are taken and modified for the status quo

don’t ask us ‘to write one’

ask about what happened after we did and why you’ve never heard of it

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Geof Darrow

The natural successor to the late great Moebius.


Here’s an awesome moment of model train zen courtesy of train enthusiast James Risner, who set up an endless spiral of track for nine model train engines pulling 141 cars.

You might think you’d get bored watching what’s basically just an exceptionally long toy train traveling around a track (there aren’t even any model buildings or trees for the tiny people on the train to look at), but this video is completely hypnotic and strangely soothing.

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Selfmade opulent Marie Antoinette headdress with ship, all in black.

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2014 “Magical Girl” Acrylic paint, Canvas F10 17.91x20.86

exhibition work
"Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and sailor senshi"

Making video :) / Canvas art “Magical Girl”

I can’t get over how fucking awesome this looks.

suigin sakura by **sirop on Flickr.

suigin sakura by **sirop on Flickr.

If you go to the top of Mt. Tam in CA at sunset, this is basically what you see, and why I go on about it more than a decade after having been.






Silver/white hair love

Silver foxes.


(via Daily Life: March 2014 - Photos - The Big Picture - Boston.com)

(via Daily Life: March 2014 - Photos - The Big Picture - Boston.com)

I am absolutely amazed to discover myself on this rock ball, rotating around this spherical fire. It’s a very odd situation.

- Alan Watts, The Tao of Philosophy (via merlin)

See also “Roderick on the Line”, Ep. 92: “Born on a Ball”.

03 - Brave New World (by Richard Ashcroft)

“Brave New World”

Into the brave new world
I hope I see you on the other side
Of this changing world

Baby when my ship pulls in
I try to believe in anyone
Look at the state I’m in.

But for now I’m just sitting at the table
Hearing songs
Wishing I was able, stable
nah nah nah nah nah nah [x3]
I hope I see you on the other side [x2]

Brother don’t try to find
Don’t try to believe in anyone
For I would change your mind

Baby when my ship pulls in
I try to believe in anyone
Look at the state I’m in, I’m fine

But for now I’m just sitting at the table
Hearing songs
Wishing I was able, stable

nah nah nah nah nah nah [x6]
I hope I see you on the other side [x6]

But for now I’m just sitting at the table Hearing songs
Wishing I was able, stable
Brave new world [x3]
nah nah nah nah nah nah [x6]
I hope I see you on the other side [x6]


monkeys riding boar

Cheese it, man! It’s the cops!


monkeys riding boar

Cheese it, man! It’s the cops!
Apr 9

Quite honestly, my objection to rape jokes is not even because I particularly find the jokes personally triggering anymore; I generally just find them pathetic and inexplicable. And while I’m bothered by the fact that the jokes normalize and effectively minimize the severity of rape and thus perpetuate the rape culture, I’m more bothered by the thought of a woman who’s recently been raped, who’s just experienced what may be the worst thing that will ever happen to her, and goes to the site of her favorite webcomic, or turns on the telly, or goes to the cinema, or a comedy club, to have a much-needed laugh—only to see that horrible, life-changing thing used as the butt of a joke. I don’t understand—and I don’t believe I ever will—why anyone wants to be the person who sends that shiver down her spine, who makes her eyes burn hot with tears at an unwanted memory while everyone else laughs and laughs.



This is the most spot on description of how I feel about rape jokes I’ve seen.

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Apr 9




Trans panic: it’s so much more than a highly original gag!

5 Shocking Realities of Being Transgender the Media Ignores

#5. We’re Not Trying to Trick Anyone

By society’s unspoken rule, just hanging out at a club is an act of deception for [a trans person] like me. After all, some guy might think I’m cute and approach me. If that person flies into a rage upon hearing the truth, society will be entirely on his side — even though that rage may involve him trying to beat the shit out of me, or worse.

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